Amazon’s Fire Phone vs. Apple’s iPhone 5s

Amazon will release its first ever smart phone on July 25, according to The Verge. The “Fire Phone” is going to be exclusive to AT&T, and will cost ya at least $199.99.

I recently purchased an iPhone 5s, so my initial reaction was to compare the two products’ features:

  • DISPLAY - Fire Phone (4.7 inches) vs. iPhone 5s (4 inches)
  • PROCESSOR - Fire Phone (2.2 GHz) vs. iPhone 5s (1.3 GHz)
  • RAM - Fire Phone (2GB) vs. iPhone 5s (1GB)
  • CAMERAFire Phone (13 MP) vs. iPhone 5s (8 MP)

DANG! I feel robbed.

We’ll have to see what’s in store for the iPhone 6. Yet from a rudimentary view, Apple has some familiar competition in the mobile world.

*iPhone 5s features are according to NDTV Gadgets.

Today, I began the first day of my marathon training. I’ll be doing a variation of Hal Higdon’s “Advanced 2” program. My dad, who has ran the marathon previously, advised this workout schedule for me.

A cousin-in-law of mine, who has ran 26.2-mile races across the country, advised that I do leg workouts, too. This will help when runners’ bodies start breaking down during the final six miles of the event. So my main customization to Hal’s program is spending my “rest” day doing squats, leg presses, etc. We’ll see how my body is holding up a couple weeks from now. For the meantime, I’m excited to begin.

College Graduation Trip to Vegas

I spent the week between my last final and college graduation ceremony in Las Vegas with four of my buddies from Lewis University. Here’s an overview of our experience:

DAY 1: Our flight out of O’Hare was at 7 a.m., so we stayed up all night at Ryan’s place before heading there.

After a brief layover in Phoenix, we arrived in Sin City around noon PDT. We spent our first couple hours in Vegas at the casino of the Stratosphere, which is where the five of us stayed. I’ve never been into gambling, but it was fun winning $10 to begin the trip.

Later that afternoon, we started our sight seeing on the Strip. We saw essentially everything our group wanted to in one night. The Wynn’s waterfall, casino and art display were an incredible sight. However, the Bellagio’s water show that paralleled different tunes blew me away more than anything else.

My largest spending of the trip came at the Wynn, where I put $50 on 24/1 odds that the Chicago Bears will win the 2015 Super Bowl.

DAY 2: Since we already viewed a significant amount of the Strip on Tuesday, the five of us decided to give downtown Las Vegas a shot to begin Wednesday afternoon. It was probably my favorite location that we visited. Fremont Street, aka downtown, had cheap drinks, free live music plus performers and accompanied a youthful atmosphere.

For dinner, we devoured at Heart Attack Grill, where people over 350 lbs. eat for free. Everyone in the restaurant wears hospital gowns, and the waiters/waitresses dress up as doctors and nurses, respectively. My bypass burger included chili and five bacon strips on top of a slab of meat.

We spent Wednesday evening back on the Strip, watching a Circus show at MGM Grand. The hotel was enormous to say the least. My bud Dennis was able to hook us up with close, affordable seats for Ka, and it definitely lived up to its epic hype.

DAY 3: Due to the fact all of our dogs were barking from all of the walking we encountered the first two days, Thursday afternoon was spent at the Stratosphere’s pool. I didn’t get sunburnt, so my Irish self was euphoric about that accomplishment.

The beginning of our evening started by exploring the inside Ceasar’s Palace (the real one) and watching the Bellagio’s water show a couple more times. Time after time, it didn’t disappoint. We closed out our last night in Las Vegas in the downtown area, which was even more lively in the dark.

DAY 4: Nothing that exciting happened on our last day, but there was no complaints about that since we had such a busy trip. Everyone made it home safe and in time to graduate on Sunday.

My friend Jill asked me to go with her to Loyola’s Damen Ball at the Palmer House. The historic hotel lived up to my expectations, and we had a fun night.

Drinking a Goose Island Matilda at the hotel’s gorgeous bar was easily my favorite part of the evening.

FUN FACT: We had ticket 666 to the Titanic-themed dance.

My brother was on his spring break this week, and I needed an excuse to head up to the Friendly Confines for its 100th birthday anniversary game. So I took mi hermano out to Wrigley to join in the festivities.

PRE-GAME STRETCH: We arrived about an hour before the first pitch, which allowed us to have some fun before the two of us even got inside the park. Tom Ricketts was outside of the stadium to do media interviews, and was nice enough to oblige to my autograph request on a baseball that I brought with me.

180 degrees behind him was literally the biggest cake I’ve ever seen. A 400-lbs. replica of Wrigley Field was made by four members of the ‘Cake Boss’ crew in six days.

1st INNING: When Scott and I arrived inside Wrigley Field, we were greeted with Chi Feds jerseys, because we were among the first 30,000 to enter. The souvenirs and eye candy were already worth the price of admission.

3rd INNING: Our seats were in the 6th row of section 409, which is my favorite view of the beautiful ballpark. We were treated to the Northwestern University marching band, a special moment honoring the likes of Gale Sayers, Dick Butkus, Ernie Banks, Ryan Dempster among others and a plane flyover at the end of the national anthem.

During the FIFTH INNING, red, white and blue balloons were released from behind the left field bleachers, as fans sang ‘happy birthday’ to the 100-year-old baseball stadium.

7th INNING STRETCH SIDE TANGENT: The Cubs did an overall terrific job with the day’s activities. But, they fell short with the athletes being honored from a millennial’s perspective. The only player who was active during my time being a fan was Dempster. While seeing Demp was nice, it would’ve meant a lot more to see the likes of Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, Derek Lee, Carlos Zambrano or Sammy Sosa. I know not all of them left the team on the best of terms, albeit, they’re who millennials think of first when it comes to Cub tradition.

9th INNING: Jeff Samardzija had a superb outing (7.1 IP, 2 ER & 5K) vs. the Diamondbacks, who wore Kansas City Packers’ ensembles. Yet the Notre Dame alumnus ended up on the losing end due to a bullpen implosion in the 9th inning, which lead to a 7-5 loss. The Cubs looked extra sharp in their retro Chi Fed unis, though, reinforcing my hope that they’d add navy blue into the team’s everyday color rotation.

SCORECARD RECAP: All in all, I had a pretty solid day with my brother at one of my favorite places on earth.